Wilson Wins First Half of July Double-Header

Wilson Wins First Half of July Double-Header

Jul25. 2015

Chicago, IL - Overcoming a rough start to two days of competitive match racing, Don Wilson - sailing with Keith Swinton, Sam Rogers and Maggie Shea - has won the CMRC Summer Invitational A event that concluded today at the Chicago Match Race Center. This is the second consecutive win for Wilson, who was challenged throughout by the young talent assembled here for this ISAF Grade 3 event.

Racing was in a wide variety of conditions, ranging from a fickle 4-5 knots on Thursday morning and ending today in a shifty, puffy 15-knot southerly breeze. The wind conditions changed as dramatically as the winning team's performance: Wilson had a painfully slow start, barely clawing his way into the Semi-Finals but managed to finish strong and take the overall win.

In the first stage of the competition, Wilson took a few early losses and at the conclusion of the Round Robin was tied with David Storrs for 4th and 5th place. To settle the tie-break and determine who moved on to the Semi-Finals, Storrs and Wilson sailed a sudden death match. This do-or-die match was close until Storrs received a penalty at the bottom mark and never recovered.

Nevin Snow, a junior at Georgetown University and chosen as ICSA College Sailor of the Year, dominated the competition in the first round robin with a n impressive 5-1 record in challenging, light conditions. Snow was racing with Sam Hollowell, Jake LaDow and Colin Richards.

Charlie Lalumiere, who sailed for Dartmouth University and makes regular appearances at Oakcliff Sailing, also impressed everyone with his speed and tactics. Lalumiere had never before sailed in the TOM 28's before this event, but some of his crew consisting of Austin Colpaert, Bridget Groble, Jon Hammond and Nate Greason had, and the young team adapted to the new boats quickly, giving the locals a run for their money. For example, Lalumiere tied CMRC's Steve Lowery for 2nd place in the first Round Robin and they both advanced to the Semi-Finals. When the two teams met again later in the Petite-Finals, Lalumiere came out on top and finished 3rd overall.

In the Semi-Finals, Wilson defeated Lowery 3-1 and Snow also defeated Lalumiere 3-1. The bottom four teams then sailed a Double-Round Robin to determine 5th-8th places.

In the Finals, and with breeze accelerating, the TOM 28 boat handling experience of Wilson's team shone through and they defeated Snow 2-0.

Six of the eight teams competing will also sail the second Summer Invitational B event of the double-header this weekend, starting tomorrow. Two teams will join the field: local CMRC members Evan Jahn and Josh Kim. The skipper with the highest combined score will win an invitation to the Chicago Match Cup Grand Slam in August. Two round robins are planned and racing begins 0900 CDT.

See full results here: www.chicagomatchrace.com/events

Summer Invitational A Overall Results
1. Don Wilson - Keith Swinton, Sam Rogers and Maggie Shea
2. Nevin Snow - Jake LaDow, Sam Hallowell, Colin Richards
3. Charlie Lalumiere - Nate Greason, Jon Hammond, Austin Colpaert, Bridget Groble
4. Steve Lowery - Mike Schroff, Jon Noller, Maurin Lovera
5. Val Smith - Andy Camarda, Eddie Mui, Theresa Trejo
6. David Storrs - Rod Dawson, Matt Clark, Brian Janney
7. David Niemann - Mark Johnson, Ian Walter, Mory Matias
8. Landon Gardner - Alex Byczko, Matt Smith, Brandon Townsend