Hansen Sailing Team

Hansen Sailing Team

Mathias Bredin  (Tactician/Mainsail Trimmer)‚ Phillip Kai Guhle (Headsail Trimmer)‚ Gustav Tempelman (Bowman)

Bjorn Hansen

Bjorn Hansen is one of many top Scandinavian helmsmen to have featured regularly on the fixture list of the Alpari World Tour after he started match racing in 1994. A consistent name in the top 10 on the ISAF Match Race World Rankings is testimony to how difficult he is to beat‚ especially at his favoured venues.

Match Cup Sweden‚ his home event‚ is one such venue and it gave him his first victory on the Tour in 2007 and Sweden’s first ever winner of Match Cup Sweden‚ a feat he repeated in 2012. He then followed that up with the Korea Match Cup in 2011 and 2012. Those titles sit proudly alongside the 2009 Open de Espana Match Race and the 2008 Brazil Sailing Cup. Hansen enjoyed a fantastic season in 2012 finishing runner up in a year long battle with rival Ian Williams.

Away from the Tour‚ Hansen was a co-founder of the Stockholm Match Race Centre which he continues to run today.